good weekend !

I had a good Halloween day.


Because, I said trick or treat many time, so many people gave me many sweets!

Rina’s cake was very delicious. Rina made Pumpkin cake.

I love pumpkin. I can eat pumpkin every day.

So, I was happy to eat this cake. It was really delicious.

Of course I made some sweets. I made 4 kinds of sweets.

I made sweet potato, cookies, cupcake, and scone.

I was really tired. But everyone said me “It is delicious”. So I was happy. I think Halloween makes me happy. So I like Halloween day.


I had a good time! And I had a good weekend.

I went to HIS to plan my spring trip. I will go to LA. So I will book airplane tickets and hotel. In LA I will go to Disney land, universal studio Hollywood, and Santamonica beach.

I heard airplane ticket is about 100,000yen.

And hotel costs 60,000yen.

So I have to save money. I really want to go to LA. So I make much money.


On Sunday. I was happy and exciting. Because, Rakuten became as champions!!

It is at first time, since Rakuten began. It is very great thing. Everyone in japan were really exciting, when to decide champion. I was very exciting too. Mr. Tanaka is great player, he is best pitcher. So, he is really popular player. Many people expected that he can win. I think he felt big pressure. But he could win. I respect him. And I became to like him more and more. Next morning, I bought newspaper of sports. I will buy a magazine. I became a big fan of him, and Rakuten.


I had a great week!!


That’s all!!



happy halloween ☺


today is holloween!

i love holloween.

because, holloween is very exciting and, funtastic.

many people wear excitng costume.

so,it is very interesting.

and, many people make some sweets.


i can eat this. hahaha.

yesterday, i make some sweets in mid night.

so, i’m very tired and sleepy.

but, i could make very dericious sweets.

so i’m happy.

i looking forward to eat in lunch time.

i will have a good day.

holloween makes me happy.

so,i love holloween ♡♡♡


trick or treat !!!!!!!!


quick writing 10 24

I like autumn.

Becasue, autumn degree is not too hot and too cold.

So I am very confortable.

And autumn has many delicious food.

For example, sweet potato, chestnuts, sanma and so on.

I love sweet potato and, chestnuts,

These food are the most delicious in autumn.

Moreover , autumn has many beautiful views.

Kouyou is very beautiful.

Kyoto is very famous.

Kiyomizu shrine, and Arashiyama are very beautiful spot.

I wanna see there.

Autumn is very good season for me.


it is Kiyomizu shrine.

1021 quick writng

I had a great weekend.

on friday, I went to dinner with my friends. I ate many many things. It was very delicious.

we talked about school life, friend, dream, memory … many things.

I had a good time. I love them.

on saturday, I hung out with my friend. I planed nrxt trip.

I will go to Tokyo, next month. I m very looking forward to travel.

In the evening, I went to part time job.

It was so busy, so I was so tired.

But !!!!!!

I was very glad.

because… my favorite baseball player came my shop.

He is not proffetional player. but, next year, he will be pro baseball player.

because, he is very famous and, popular high school baseball player!

I talked him a little.

It was happy time.

on sunday, I played Pokemon.

It is very interesting.

I fight with my friend.

I lost…

today, I will back home soon after class.

And I will play Pokemon.

That’s all.P1000203

this is that player!

my introduce.

My name is Minami.

I’m 19 years old.

I like watching baseball.

My favorite baseball team is Hiroshima Carp.

Especially, I love Dohbayashi Shota.

He is very cool.

And I love cat very much.

I have 3 cats.


My goal is to trip all over the world.

I want to go to many countries.

For example, Canada, The USA, Australia, Norway, Finlnad, England, and so on.

One day, I want to live in foreign country.

So, I study English very very hard.

Nice to see you ☺


i’m minami !

hello ☺

I’m going to have great semester. I think this semester will be very great.

Becasue , I wanna study English very hard.

I will be good English speaker and listener, and I will go to Canada for 1 months in next summer.

I want to go to Victoria in Canada.

I want to learn English in there. I will do my best.

Moreover, I will work very hard. Because, I want to spend much money in Canada.

Victoria is near by Seatle in USA, so, If I can go to Victoria, I would go to Seatle too.

And, I will watch baseball game in Seatle.

To improve my English skills, I will study English at school, and my house. I will listen to English in train. And I will go to launge of KUIS, at there I will talk with my older student in English. 

This autumn semester will be busy for me.But I will realize my goal.

I do my best.