2014 resolution !

I made a new year’s resolution, I’m going to go to 3 countries in this year. I want to go to the USA, Thailand, and Taiwan or Korea. In this march, I will go to LA with my friends. I will go to there for six days. I will play on the beach, and go to Hollywood, and go shopping. I am looking forward to go to LA. So now I make much money. Secondly I save much money. I will have 500000 yen until this December. It is very difficult for me. This is because, I like go shopping. But I changed myself. So I think I can do it. I do my best. However…In spring vacation I will go to ski in Nagano with my part time job member. I like to travel. So I want to travel many times in this year. It is my goal. I want to spend good days in this year.



cooking !


I will talk about cooking. I like cooking. I’m good at to make a sweet. Recently my hobby is to make a sweet. When I don’t have part time job, I often make a sweet. I can make many thing. I could make a cookies when I was primary school student. So now I remember how to make a cookies. It is really easy. So I can make it very fast. And I bake a sponge of cake. I make a cake 5 times a year. When my sister’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, Hina festival, Christmas, and Valentin day. I have make a cake when I was junior high school students. So I can make it very easy. I can make scorn, cupcake, and sweet potato. It is very easy too. Recently I often make a pudding. I like a pudding very much. So I became to be able to make a pudding. My sister and brother and mother like my cooking. So I often asked to make a sweet. When I have free time, I often make a sweet. Next time, I will make a cream puff. I never make a cream puff. Because, I think it is difficult. And it takes a lot of trouble, so I didn’t make a cream puff. But I try to make it next Tuesday. I wanna succeed. And, I never make a tart. It is difficult for me. I want to try to make it, but I don’t have equipment to make a tart. So I could not make a tart. So I will buy an equipment of tart. I like to cook. I want to be good at cooking. So I do my best. I keep on try!!!


comet ISON


Today, I am very very shocking. I have many shocking things. So I am very sad and disappointed.

First, comet ISON broken up. I will watch comet ISON. But ISON attacked the sun. So ISON broken up. I was very surprised. Everyone prepare ISON‘s goods, moreover TV program. But these are all canceled. I think many people sad. I was very sad. I wanted to cry. Comet in Japanese is “houkiboshi”. Because, comet has a long tail. So it looks broom. Then comet became a houkiboshi. It is very beautiful. Comet hale is very famous. But, I could not watch it. So I wanted to watch it very much. I was very disappointed.

Second shocking story is I would not go to astronomical observatory. I promised with my friend since 1 month ago to go to astronomical observatory. But my friend has part time job. So I am very angry. My friend is too bad. So I was very disappointed. I really wanna to go to astronomical observatory. And I wanna watch stars, but I cannot do it. I am very angry. So I never forgive him.

In astronomical observatory, I can watch many many stars. And I can watch moon and planet to use great telescope. So I can watch Saturn and moon’s crater. It is very wonderful. Saturn’s ring is very beautiful. When I can watch this, I would be moved. So I really wanted to go to there. I wanted to cry. I never forgive him.

Recently I want telescope. I live in Osaka city. So I cannot watch stars. So I wanna watch stars to use telescope. Telescope is very expensive. So I cannot buy it. in the future, I will become a rich, and I live in Canada to buy a house with garden, and to watch to use my telescope. It is my dream.

I had a shocking weekend.


I want it!!


bowling !

I went to bowling with my part time job member. I was so fun and exciting.

I did 3 games. I was not good at bowling. My score is always 70~80 points. But this time, my score was very high. I became to be good at bowling. I was very happy. My score was 117 points. It is my highest score. But every one’ score was higher than me. Strongest person’s score was 188 points. He was a winner. He could get many strikes. They were very high score. Everyone could bowling very well. It was very exciting. I want to go to bowling with my part time job member.

One of my part time job member, catch a cold. So he could not come to bowling. So it was so pity. So we will go to bowling again. We took a movie for him. He was moved. So we were very happy. To hang out with my part time job member is very interesting. And it was very happy and exciting.

Recently, I wanted to quit part time job. But I love my part time job member. So I don’t want to quit part time job now. My job is really hard. Every day busy. And I don’t like my boss. But I like part time job member. So I am fun to work and interesting to work. To make much money, I work very hard. And I want to hung out with my part time job member more. I had a good day.


space ★


Today, I will talk about my favorite things. I like space very much. Because, space is too big. And we cannot know all. So I’m interested in space.

Today, I introduce about solar system’s planet. First, sun. Sun is too big. If there is no sun, we cannot live in the earth. Because it is too cold. So there is no water in earth. If there is no water in the earth, human, animals, plants and so on, all creative cannot live. So, water is important for us. And, sun is very important for us.

Second is mercury.  Mercury is the closest planet from sun in solar system. In the mercury, there is no air. So we cannot live. And, this planet is too close with sun, so we cannot watch in the earth. Next, Venus. We cannot watch Venus in midnight. We can watch just in early morning and evening. Because, it is close from sun. Next is earth. Earth is our planet. Only earth has water, and, to live being. So earth is rare planet. Earth has a moon. Human can only go to moon. Moon is especially for us long time ago.

Next is mars. Mars is very cold. So, mars has dry ice. Long time ago mars has water. But now there is no water in the mars. Next is Jupiter. Jupiter is largest planet in solar system. But Jupiter make by gas. So we cannot stand on the Jupiter. Next is Saturn. Saturn has ring. My most favorite planet. I love this shape. It is very cute. And Saturn is very light. Main constituents of Saturn is hydrogen. Uranus is very cold. Because, it is far away from sun. Last is Neptune. It looks blue. Because of methane gas. So Neptune is very beautiful.

Pluto was planet. But in 2006, Pluto became a dwarf planet. Because it is small. And, this is far away from earth. So, space exploration never been to Pluto            .

If I were astronaut, I would go to space trip.

One day, I wanna go space.

cat cat cat

If I were an animal I would be cat. Because, cat can always sleeping. I have 3 cats. My cats always sleeping. I think it is very envy. And I think cat have many time. Cat doesn’t think anything. Moreover cat is free. So I really envy cats. I like cats very much. Because they are very cute. They can heal me. And they are very interesting. For example, when I throw the ball, my pets follow the ball. And, my pets take the ball to me. It is very cute and interesting, And, in winter, I sleep with my pets every day. They are very warm. So I am happy. I love cats, and my pets very much. So I want to be a cats.  neko

tokyo trip ’13


I went to Tokyo from Friday. On Friday, I finished my class I went to Tokyo with my friend by bus. When I go to Tokyo, Koyo watched my departure. It was so glad. I was happy. And I arrived at Saturday morning. And, I went to eat pancake at Harajuku. This pancake is very famous in Hawaii. Is was very big. I could not eat all. Next I went to shopping in Shibuya. I bought some clothes and shoes. I was happy, but I felt so bad… because of pancake. I took a picture with Hatikou. Then I back to Harajuku to meet my high school friends. I had never seen her since I graduated high school. So it was a good time.

And, I went to dinner Shinokubo. At Shinokubo, we ate Samugyopsal. It was very cheap and delicious. Then I went to hotel. Hotel was so clean. I was comfortable.

On Sunday, I went to Asakusa, and sky tree, and Akihabara, Odaiba, and Tokyo tower.

Odaiba is very fun, I can see Matumoto Hitoshi. It was very exciting.

Tokyo tower is very good view in night. It is very beautiful. So I was beautiful.

My Tokyo trip was so good. I had a very good weekand.