2014 resolution !

I made a new year’s resolution, I’m going to go to 3 countries in this year. I want to go to the USA, Thailand, and Taiwan or Korea. In this march, I will go to LA with my friends. I will go to there for six days. I will play on the beach, and go to Hollywood, and go shopping. I am looking forward to go to LA. So now I make much money. Secondly I save much money. I will have 500000 yen until this December. It is very difficult for me. This is because, I like go shopping. But I changed myself. So I think I can do it. I do my best. However…In spring vacation I will go to ski in Nagano with my part time job member. I like to travel. So I want to travel many times in this year. It is my goal. I want to spend good days in this year.





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