cooking !


I will talk about cooking. I like cooking. I’m good at to make a sweet. Recently my hobby is to make a sweet. When I don’t have part time job, I often make a sweet. I can make many thing. I could make a cookies when I was primary school student. So now I remember how to make a cookies. It is really easy. So I can make it very fast. And I bake a sponge of cake. I make a cake 5 times a year. When my sister’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, Hina festival, Christmas, and Valentin day. I have make a cake when I was junior high school students. So I can make it very easy. I can make scorn, cupcake, and sweet potato. It is very easy too. Recently I often make a pudding. I like a pudding very much. So I became to be able to make a pudding. My sister and brother and mother like my cooking. So I often asked to make a sweet. When I have free time, I often make a sweet. Next time, I will make a cream puff. I never make a cream puff. Because, I think it is difficult. And it takes a lot of trouble, so I didn’t make a cream puff. But I try to make it next Tuesday. I wanna succeed. And, I never make a tart. It is difficult for me. I want to try to make it, but I don’t have equipment to make a tart. So I could not make a tart. So I will buy an equipment of tart. I like to cook. I want to be good at cooking. So I do my best. I keep on try!!!




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