comet ISON


Today, I am very very shocking. I have many shocking things. So I am very sad and disappointed.

First, comet ISON broken up. I will watch comet ISON. But ISON attacked the sun. So ISON broken up. I was very surprised. Everyone prepare ISON‘s goods, moreover TV program. But these are all canceled. I think many people sad. I was very sad. I wanted to cry. Comet in Japanese is “houkiboshi”. Because, comet has a long tail. So it looks broom. Then comet became a houkiboshi. It is very beautiful. Comet hale is very famous. But, I could not watch it. So I wanted to watch it very much. I was very disappointed.

Second shocking story is I would not go to astronomical observatory. I promised with my friend since 1 month ago to go to astronomical observatory. But my friend has part time job. So I am very angry. My friend is too bad. So I was very disappointed. I really wanna to go to astronomical observatory. And I wanna watch stars, but I cannot do it. I am very angry. So I never forgive him.

In astronomical observatory, I can watch many many stars. And I can watch moon and planet to use great telescope. So I can watch Saturn and moon’s crater. It is very wonderful. Saturn’s ring is very beautiful. When I can watch this, I would be moved. So I really wanted to go to there. I wanted to cry. I never forgive him.

Recently I want telescope. I live in Osaka city. So I cannot watch stars. So I wanna watch stars to use telescope. Telescope is very expensive. So I cannot buy it. in the future, I will become a rich, and I live in Canada to buy a house with garden, and to watch to use my telescope. It is my dream.

I had a shocking weekend.


I want it!!



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