bowling !

I went to bowling with my part time job member. I was so fun and exciting.

I did 3 games. I was not good at bowling. My score is always 70~80 points. But this time, my score was very high. I became to be good at bowling. I was very happy. My score was 117 points. It is my highest score. But every one’ score was higher than me. Strongest person’s score was 188 points. He was a winner. He could get many strikes. They were very high score. Everyone could bowling very well. It was very exciting. I want to go to bowling with my part time job member.

One of my part time job member, catch a cold. So he could not come to bowling. So it was so pity. So we will go to bowling again. We took a movie for him. He was moved. So we were very happy. To hang out with my part time job member is very interesting. And it was very happy and exciting.

Recently, I wanted to quit part time job. But I love my part time job member. So I don’t want to quit part time job now. My job is really hard. Every day busy. And I don’t like my boss. But I like part time job member. So I am fun to work and interesting to work. To make much money, I work very hard. And I want to hung out with my part time job member more. I had a good day.




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