space ★


Today, I will talk about my favorite things. I like space very much. Because, space is too big. And we cannot know all. So I’m interested in space.

Today, I introduce about solar system’s planet. First, sun. Sun is too big. If there is no sun, we cannot live in the earth. Because it is too cold. So there is no water in earth. If there is no water in the earth, human, animals, plants and so on, all creative cannot live. So, water is important for us. And, sun is very important for us.

Second is mercury.  Mercury is the closest planet from sun in solar system. In the mercury, there is no air. So we cannot live. And, this planet is too close with sun, so we cannot watch in the earth. Next, Venus. We cannot watch Venus in midnight. We can watch just in early morning and evening. Because, it is close from sun. Next is earth. Earth is our planet. Only earth has water, and, to live being. So earth is rare planet. Earth has a moon. Human can only go to moon. Moon is especially for us long time ago.

Next is mars. Mars is very cold. So, mars has dry ice. Long time ago mars has water. But now there is no water in the mars. Next is Jupiter. Jupiter is largest planet in solar system. But Jupiter make by gas. So we cannot stand on the Jupiter. Next is Saturn. Saturn has ring. My most favorite planet. I love this shape. It is very cute. And Saturn is very light. Main constituents of Saturn is hydrogen. Uranus is very cold. Because, it is far away from sun. Last is Neptune. It looks blue. Because of methane gas. So Neptune is very beautiful.

Pluto was planet. But in 2006, Pluto became a dwarf planet. Because it is small. And, this is far away from earth. So, space exploration never been to Pluto            .

If I were astronaut, I would go to space trip.

One day, I wanna go space.



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