tokyo trip ’13


I went to Tokyo from Friday. On Friday, I finished my class I went to Tokyo with my friend by bus. When I go to Tokyo, Koyo watched my departure. It was so glad. I was happy. And I arrived at Saturday morning. And, I went to eat pancake at Harajuku. This pancake is very famous in Hawaii. Is was very big. I could not eat all. Next I went to shopping in Shibuya. I bought some clothes and shoes. I was happy, but I felt so bad… because of pancake. I took a picture with Hatikou. Then I back to Harajuku to meet my high school friends. I had never seen her since I graduated high school. So it was a good time.

And, I went to dinner Shinokubo. At Shinokubo, we ate Samugyopsal. It was very cheap and delicious. Then I went to hotel. Hotel was so clean. I was comfortable.

On Sunday, I went to Asakusa, and sky tree, and Akihabara, Odaiba, and Tokyo tower.

Odaiba is very fun, I can see Matumoto Hitoshi. It was very exciting.

Tokyo tower is very good view in night. It is very beautiful. So I was beautiful.

My Tokyo trip was so good. I had a very good weekand.



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