good weekend !

I had a good Halloween day.


Because, I said trick or treat many time, so many people gave me many sweets!

Rina’s cake was very delicious. Rina made Pumpkin cake.

I love pumpkin. I can eat pumpkin every day.

So, I was happy to eat this cake. It was really delicious.

Of course I made some sweets. I made 4 kinds of sweets.

I made sweet potato, cookies, cupcake, and scone.

I was really tired. But everyone said me “It is delicious”. So I was happy. I think Halloween makes me happy. So I like Halloween day.


I had a good time! And I had a good weekend.

I went to HIS to plan my spring trip. I will go to LA. So I will book airplane tickets and hotel. In LA I will go to Disney land, universal studio Hollywood, and Santamonica beach.

I heard airplane ticket is about 100,000yen.

And hotel costs 60,000yen.

So I have to save money. I really want to go to LA. So I make much money.


On Sunday. I was happy and exciting. Because, Rakuten became as champions!!

It is at first time, since Rakuten began. It is very great thing. Everyone in japan were really exciting, when to decide champion. I was very exciting too. Mr. Tanaka is great player, he is best pitcher. So, he is really popular player. Many people expected that he can win. I think he felt big pressure. But he could win. I respect him. And I became to like him more and more. Next morning, I bought newspaper of sports. I will buy a magazine. I became a big fan of him, and Rakuten.


I had a great week!!


That’s all!!




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