1021 quick writng

I had a great weekend.

on friday, I went to dinner with my friends. I ate many many things. It was very delicious.

we talked about school life, friend, dream, memory … many things.

I had a good time. I love them.

on saturday, I hung out with my friend. I planed nrxt trip.

I will go to Tokyo, next month. I m very looking forward to travel.

In the evening, I went to part time job.

It was so busy, so I was so tired.

But !!!!!!

I was very glad.

because… my favorite baseball player came my shop.

He is not proffetional player. but, next year, he will be pro baseball player.

because, he is very famous and, popular high school baseball player!

I talked him a little.

It was happy time.

on sunday, I played Pokemon.

It is very interesting.

I fight with my friend.

I lost…

today, I will back home soon after class.

And I will play Pokemon.

That’s all.P1000203

this is that player!




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