i’m minami !

hello ☺

I’m going to have great semester. I think this semester will be very great.

Becasue , I wanna study English very hard.

I will be good English speaker and listener, and I will go to Canada for 1 months in next summer.

I want to go to Victoria in Canada.

I want to learn English in there. I will do my best.

Moreover, I will work very hard. Because, I want to spend much money in Canada.

Victoria is near by Seatle in USA, so, If I can go to Victoria, I would go to Seatle too.

And, I will watch baseball game in Seatle.

To improve my English skills, I will study English at school, and my house. I will listen to English in train. And I will go to launge of KUIS, at there I will talk with my older student in English. 

This autumn semester will be busy for me.But I will realize my goal.

I do my best.






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